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Frequently Asked Questions
Filter Sizes
Q I have a 50mm lens and never seen that listed when looking for filters. Is a filter supposed to be the same mm as the lens? or are they different?
A The Lens size and the filter size are not the same, a easy way to see the filter size is look at the inside of the lens cap, it may have the MM size stamped on it. Or you can look at the lens specs on the internet and find the filter size
Lens Hoods
Q May I please have more info on your lens hoods (58mm) ? Why are they so much cheaper than anywhere else? Is it because they are rubber? What are the pros and cons?
A I myself prefer the rubber lens hood, it is easy to pack and can stay on the Camera when you don't need to use it. We are able to sell these lens hoods as well as filters because we have less overhead than retail stores. Most stores double or triple the price of filters, lens hoods ect.
We sell quite a few of these and people love them!
Shopping Cart Tips
Q Can I change my email address after I have created an account?
A Sure, just login with your old email address and click, "Edit Account Info". Type in your new email address. If you need the changes to take effect immediately, log out and log back in with the new email address, otherwise, next time you come back, use your new email address.
Step up and Step Down Rings
Q I am considering acquiring several filters for my Nikkons. However, to save money, I was thinking of getting 72 mm and using a step down ring to fit 62mm and 52mm. Is this a good idea? Would it degrade the effect of softeners, diffusers, color-enhancement, etc.?
A The quality loss is minimal but it is always a good idea to avoid the step up or down rings when you can. When you are talking about several filters I would recommend using the rings, it will save cost and space when you pack them.
What Filter Do I use?
Q What filter should I use to eliminate the very blue cast I get when shooting out of a small airplane? And I have a similar problem when shooting on snow.
A I use a Polarizer from an Airplane and an 81 Series filter to reduce the blue cast in photos.
Q I am interested in a warm/soft focus filter. What can you recommend? This filter will be for a 58mm lense
A Depending on the Subject,
Kenko Make a great filter called Soften Speck "A" Soften Speck "B", This portrait filter creates a soft image by having a random pattern of little droplets, each acting like a lens on the surface of the filter. Stronger than the Softon Speck A, the Softon Speck B portrait filter creates a softer image. The Softon Speck filters feature high quality optical glass which yield sharply focused yet diffused images

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