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To Purchase the amazing Kokonor Camera Filter Line, available in both the Ultra/Q and Hi/Q at HUGE discounts! Visit http://www.kokonorfilters.net

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We sell the finest camera filters on the market all at Wholesale prices; Kokonor and Kenko camera filters. Both Kokonor filters and Kenko filters are of the highest quality. We sell the following quality items; Kokonor Ultra Q Circular Polarizer, Kokonor Hi/Q Circular Polarizer, Kenko Mono coated, Kenko Multi Coated Filters, UV Protector Hoods, Step up Rings and Step Down rings.

If you use a lot of filtration, manipulation, burning and dodging to compensate for the human eye and brain's image processing to create an image on paper that looks like a natural picture. Ordinary film can see UV even though your eyes can not. Due to the very short wavelengths involved the UV band carries more than its fair share of atmospheric scatter. Purple fringing typically appears as a multipixel band of bright purple surrounding the edges of dark objects cast against a bright background.

Kokonor camera filters are a camera accessory consisting of an optical filter that can be inserted in the optical path.

At Filterhouse.com we have a large selection of all sizes and grades. Most orders are shipped the same day as ordered if order is received by 4:00 pm Central time. We constantly have Inventory on order so chances are that the item will be in stock within a week. However there are times that the factory in Japan is slow to ship or backorder. On these rare occasion, we will contact you by email or phone call and advise you of the delay. We ship World Wide.

Take a look at what camera filters can do for your photos! The most basic and by far one of the most important Camera filters is the simple UV or skylight. Designed primarily to absorb stray ultraviolet light, the most useful feature is as a protector for the camera lens. It is far less expensive to replace a cracked camera filter, than it is to replace a cracked lens.

The polarizing Kokonor camera filters give perhaps the most bang for the buck. Polarizing camera filters spin so you can rotate them around to just the right angle to cancel out indirect light waves that are out of phase with the direct light waves. The camera filter allows you to stop the light that is bouncing off of a lake, snow or window.

Camera filters are transparent or translucent optical elements that alter the properties of light entering the camera lens for the purpose of improving the image being recorded. Filters can affect contrast, sharpness, highlight flare, color, and light intensity, either individually, or in various combinations. They can also create a variety of "special effects." It is important to recognize that, even though there are many possibly confusing variations and applications, all filters behave a reasonably predictable way when their properties are understood and experienced. Most of these properties related similarly to filter use in both film and video imaging. The following will explain the basic optical characteristics of Kokonor and certain other types of filters, as well as their applications. It is a foundation upon which to build by experience. Textual data cannot fully inform. There is always something new out there. Have fun, get into your photos!


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